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Haunted Montreal Blog # 63 – Jacques Cartier Suicide Bridge

With a long-standing reputation as the second most popular “Suicide Bridge” in the world, after the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Jacques Cartier Bridge is known to be both deadly and haunted. A steel truss cantilever bridge that crosses the Saint Lawrence River from the city to the south shore at Longueuil, it has a tragic history of both suicides and murders occurring on the span. Despite recent improvements, such as an anti-suicide barrier and expensive lighting scheme, there are still suicides every year and tormented spirits are known to haunt the massive structure that crosses the mighty river.

Haunted Montreal Blog #59 – The Haunted Award

Our July blog explores a missing award that has recently become haunted. Awarded to Haunted Montreal in 2019, the Travel and Hospitality Award for “Quebec’s Most Unique Experience of the Year”, a disgruntled ex-administrator has refused to return it to the company. As such, a spell-caster has placed a jinx on the award to make it haunted.

Haunted Montreal Blog #58 – Ruins of Saint Ann’s Church

New residents sometimes claim to hear solemn church bells tolling, even though the church no longer stands here. In another strange incident, on one foggy, October night in 2011, a prospective condo buyer was visiting the neighborhood and claims to have witnessed a ghostly funeral procession on the site of the ruins. He was impressed by a unit in Carré de la montagne condo building and was walking down De La Montagne Street back to his car when he suddenly noticed movement through the fog behind some trees in the park.

Haunted Montreal Blog #57 – Montreal’s Mysterious River Monsters

The face appears rather feminine with long hair, but under the chin are fins or possibly a beard. The French inscription in the Codex translates: “Marine monster killed by the French on the Richelieu River in New France.” Despite French attempts to eradicate this creature, rumours abound that the mysterious river creatures still swim in the waters surrounding the island of Tiohtià:ke / Montreal to this very day.

Haunted Montreal Blog #56 – Bonhomme Sept Heures

There are many descriptions of him, depending on the region of Quebec. For some, he is described as a tall, lanky old man with a long, crooked nose who roams the streets at night, large burlap sack in hand. For others, this dreaded being takes on the appearance of an old man dressed as a vagabond with a long black beard, dirty hair, dressed in several coats and dilapidated clothing. Overall, he is known as demonic man, not quite human, capable of using astonishing tricks to snatch children away and haul them away in his large burlap sack. In all of the stories, Bonhomme Sept Heures triggers the fear of death and the night.
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