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Old Montreal is the city’s most haunted neighborhood. Since colonial times, the area has witnessed countless horrors – brutal colonization, guerilla warfare, unspeakable tragedies, heinous crimes and shocking executions.

These dark episodes ripple through time, leaving deranged legends, haunted history and a plethora of ghosts and paranormal activity.

Old Montreal is steeped in history. With its cobblestone streets and timeworn buildings, some dating back to the 1600s, it is a popular neighborhood for tourists and residents alike.

However, as the site of colonial establishment, it also has an extremely dark and disturbing side.
Step back in time into Montreal’s most historic neighbourhood.

The Haunted Old Montreal ghost walk visits the Place d’Armes, Cours Le Royer, the Courthouse District, Place Vauquelin, Champs-de-Mars, Jacques Cartier Square and the infamous Chateau Ramezay. There areas are all rife with paranormal activity and ghost-sightings.

Learn the deranged story of Marie-Joseph Angélique, a slave woman who was hanged during the New France era for allegedly starting a devastating fire. Despite there being no witnesses, she confessed under torture and was then executed.

Hear about the demon and fires at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital along with the ghost of Jeanne Le Ber, a Catholic recluse who frequently self-flagellated.

Visit the site of Montreal’s first British Jail, the infamous Montreal Prison. While today only the cells remain beneath the picturesque Place Vauquelin, the area experiences a lot of haunted activity.

The adjacent Champs-de-Mars was the most popular site in the British Empire to witness a live execution. The sloping geography and amazing views of criminals being hanged provided the ideal setting for parents to educate their children about morality and lawfulness during exciting picnic lunches.

Discover the Chateau Ramezay, an 18th Century museum where paranormal activity unfolds and the ghost of a former warden named Miss O’Dowd terrifies clients with her twisted antics.

Led by a professional actor and storyteller, this ghost tour is sure to please ghost hunters, history buffs and Hallowe’en lovers with its creepy tales of paranormal activity and the ghostly spirits that haunt Old Montreal.

Please note that due to construction. our Haunted Old Montreal Ghost Tour has changed its starting location! Our former location, Parc de la Presse, is fenced off for upgrades. As such, Haunted Old Montreal Ghost Tours have relocated and will now be starting at the mysterious Bank of Montreal Clock.

Guests are invited to meet the guide next to the Bank of Montreal Clock in front of 155 St. Jacques Street. The location is on the north-east corner of St. Francois-Xavier and St. Jacques Streets, very close to Metro Place d’Armes on the Orange Line.

Please meet your guide at least 10 minutes before the start of the tour.

Please Note: We reserve the right to, and in most cases will, cancel a tour that has fewer than five tickets sold by 6pm the day before the event. We will, of course, refund all existing ticket buyers when we do.

This event is also offered as a private tour.

Price: $27.50 (includes GST/QST)

Note: If you are unable to pay online for any reason, you can also reserve tickets and pay in cash at the beginning of the tour. This option is only if you are 100% certain you are going to attend, even if it is raining. There is a maximum of 4 cash reservations per client.

Please contact to reserve your tickets. Tell us which tour, date, and the number of reservations and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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