Haunted Montreal conducts Ghost Walks, Paranormal Investigations & Haunted Pub Crawls. Our team also carries out research into ghost sightings, paranormal activities, historic hauntings, unexplained mysteries, and strange legends in the Montreal area.

We publish the Haunted Montreal Blog on the 13th of every month with a local ghost story. This service is free and we invite you to sign up to our mailing list.

Haunted Montreal would like to acknowledge that we operate on the un-ceded Indigenous territory of Tio’tia:ke and that the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) Nation is the custodian of these lands and waters.

Ghost Walks, Paranormal Investigations & Haunted Pub Crawls

Conducted by a professional actor and storyteller, ​Haunted Montreal currently offers three Ghost Walks, a Haunted Pub Crawl and a new Paranormal Investigation into the old Saint-Antoine Cemetery. Both public and private tours are available.

Is COVID-19 ruining your Halloween plans?

Haunted Montreal is not going to let the pandemic wreck the Halloween Season for everyone!

Since the Government of Quebec has banned all “gatherings” in the COVID-19 Red Zone, Haunted Montreal is offering a Virtual Halloween Ghost Tour from the safety of home!

Turn down the lights and fire up your computer! Log in easily via a Zoom link!

With over 400 documented ghost stories, Montreal is easily the most haunted city in Canada, if not all of North America. Teeming with spirits and paranormal activity, Montreal is a ghost-hunter’s paradise.

During the Virtual Halloween Ghost Tour, a professional ghost storyteller will regale guests with the city’s most infamous ghost stories and haunted locations, complete with a creepy online atmosphere!

Learn about the circumstances that made Montreal so haunted, hear the most popular ghost story from the 1800s and discover the two most haunted parks in the city where paranormal activity is rife. Lastly, take in the deranged tale of Griffintown’s Headless Mary, Montreal’s most infamous ghost story today!

In a following talkback session, clients will enjoy a Q & A with the professional ghost storyteller. Ask any questions you like!

With limited numbers of clients per online event, it is an intimate way to enjoy the Halloween Season at home while learning about Montreal’s unique haunted history!

Tickets for Haunted Montreal’s Virtual Hallowe’en Ghost Tour are now on sale!

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Haunted Montreal also conducts research into local hauntings and welcomes people with a story to get in touch. If you have experienced anything ghostly, paranormal or otherworldly in Montreal and want to share your story, please let us know. We publish a new Montreal ghost story every month at the Haunted Montreal Blog.

Haunted Montreal Blog

The Haunted Montreal Blog is released on the 13th of every month! The blog focuses on a new Montreal ghost story each and every month, information about the haunted tourism industry and company news. Please sign up on the mailing list (below) to receive it on the 13th!

  • Haunted Montreal Blog #62 – Montreal’s Contemporary Ghost-hunters
    We preview our Virtual Halloween Ghost Tour and speak with professional ghost hunter Dominique Desormeaux of 13 Spirits Paranormal
  • Haunted Montreal Blog #61 – The Ghost of the Wartime Bomber Pilot
    While browsing the selection of titles, I saw something darker move out of the top corner of my eyes. I brushed it off at first thinking it was just another customer and didn’t bother looking up but as the mass came closer it became clear that this was far from a regular store patron.
  • Haunted Montreal Blog #60 – Place des Jésuites
    Shocked and terrified, as the apparition got closer, he could see it was clad in a black robe and holding what appeared to be a large crucifix that appeared as though it had just come out of an iron forge. It was glowing, as though red hot.