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Haunted Montreal conducts Ghost Walks, Paranormal Investigations & Haunted Pub Crawls. Our team also carries out research into ghost sightings, paranormal activities, historic hauntings, unexplained mysteries, and strange legends in the Montreal area.

We publish the Haunted Montreal Blog on the 13th of every month with a local ghost story that showcases the dark side of the city. This service is free and we invite you to sign up to our mailing list.

Haunted Montreal would like to acknowledge that we operate on the un-ceded Indigenous territory of Tio’tia:ke and that the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) Nation is the custodian of these lands and waters.

Ghost Walks, Pub Crawls, Paranormal Investigations & Virtual Tours (Now Playing)

Conducted by a professional actor and storyteller, our Haunted Pub Crawl continues to run every Saturday at 3pm in English and the last Sunday of the month at 4pm in French (also available as a private tour), and our full slate of public ghost walks have resumed for the season (and are available year-round as private tours).

Paranormal Investigation: Colonial Old Montreal

Hosted by professional Ghost-hunter Dominique Desormeaux, our newest haunted experience takes guests on a dark adventure into the mysterious world of ghost hunting in Canada’s most haunted neighbourhood (more info)

Haunted Pub Crawl

Led by a professional ghost storyteller, the Haunted Montreal Pub Crawl visits three haunted pubs. Guests will not only learn about many of the haunted drinking establishments in the city, but will also hear Montreal’s most infamous ghost stories (more info)

Haunted Old Montreal

Step back in time into Montreal’s most historic and most haunted neighbourhood. Guided by a professional actor and storyteller, you will learn the dark history behind some of the city’s most popular tourist spots (also available as a private tour) (more info)

Haunted Griffintown

The Haunted Griffintown Ghost Walk visits mysterious ruins, a polluted canal, former burial grounds and creepy old buildings that are said to be haunted. Also, Griffintown’s most famous ghost, Headless Mary. (also available as a private tour) (more info)

Haunted Mountain

A theatrical guide will regale guests with ghost stories, mysteries and legends about Mount Royal, including haunted hospitals, abandoned castles, cemeteries teeming with undead spirits, and all sorts of paranormal activities on the mountain. (also available as a private tour) (more info)

Haunted Downtown Montreal

A guided walk through Downtown Montreal’s haunted bars, a forgotten graveyard, hotels rife with paranormal activity, and other locations where ghosts have been spotted! (also available as a private tour) (More Info)

Paranormal Investigation – Old Sainte Antoine Cemetery

Learn strategies and techniques to locate and communicate with spirits while walking on top of Downtown Montreal’s largest forgotten cemetery, with approximately 70,000 buried beneath! (also available as a private tour) (More Info)

Introducing our newest Haunted Experience:

You can bring the Haunted Montreal experience to your office Christmas party, house party school or event by booking one of our Travelling Ghost Storytellers today. Hear some of the spookiest tales from our tours and our blog told by a professional actor and storyteller. You provide the venue, we provide the stories and storyteller. Find out more and then contact

Virtual Ghost Tour

A professional ghost storyteller will regale guests with the city’s most infamous ghost stories and haunted locations, complete with a creepy online atmosphere! (More Info)


Winter Ghost Stories: A Québécois Tradition

Prepare a glass of mulled wine or brandy, fire up your computer and go back in time from New France to Montreal’s Victorian Era. Back then, the telling of ghost stories around the fireplace was one of the most popular winter traditions in the city (more info)



Haunted Montreal also conducts research into local hauntings and welcomes people with a story to get in touch. If you have experienced anything ghostly, paranormal or otherworldly in Montreal and want to share your story, please let us know. We publish a new Montreal ghost story every month at the Haunted Montreal Blog.

Haunted Montreal Blog

We publish the Haunted Montreal Blog on the 13th of every month with a local ghost story that showcases the dark side of the city, information about the haunted tourism industry and company news. Please sign up on the mailing list (below) to receive it on the 13th!

  • Haunted Montreal Blog #107 – Update on the Dawson Site
    In 2016, workers were doing construction on Peel and Sherbrooke Streets as part of the Promenade Fleuve-Montagne tourist itinerary. Rumour has it that an earth-digger allegedly cut the skeletal remains of a Mohawk chief in half, which put an immediate stop to the work. Realizing that they had discovered more of the Dawson Site, archaeologists proceeded to unearth over 2000 Indigenous artefacts at the intersection between 2016 and 2019.
  • Haunted Montreal Blog #106 – Montreal’s Haunted Metro System
    Montreal’s sprawling Metro system is well known for its architecture, public art works and ability to move people quickly around the city. However, lesser known are the hauntings and paranormal activity that plague the network. With a long history of deaths from construction accidents, fires, violent acts, electrocution and suicides, the Montreal Metro hosts lingering spirits and other deranged mysteries. With decades of service, the network has witnessed countless tragedies and is now rumored to host ghosts and paranormal activity, especially at three distinct stations.
  • Haunted Montreal Blog #105 – Update on the Old Pointe Claire Hotel
    More recently known to host bars such as The Pioneer, Clyde’s Bar and Grill and Le Pionnier, the heritage building has since been demolished. High-end condominiums were built on its footprint and a neighboring parking lot, and some wonder if the site is still haunted. Trouble started brewing in May, 2018 when owner Diane Marois announced her plans to sell Le Pionnier to developers. Over 4000 Pointe Claire residents signed a petition to try and save the historic building. However, given that other former heritage sites in the municipality were destroyed, like the Edgewater Hotel and Maples Inn, there was a feeling of hopelessness. Marois shuttered the building after one final last call on July 21, 2018.

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