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Do you believe in the paranormal?

Hosted by professional Ghost-hunter Dominique Desormeaux of Investigations 13, Haunted Montreal’s “Paranormal Investigation – Colonial Old Montreal” takes guests on a dark adventure into the mysterious world of ghost hunting.

Founded in 1642, the Ville-Marie Colony has seen countless public executions, torture, wars, beheadings, people burned alive, murders, and other horrific acts. Numerous unsettled spirits were created both during the religious paranoia of the New France Era, and the bureaucratic brutality of the British Regime, which took over in 1760.

Today, Old Montreal is a bustling and picturesque tourist area, filled with fancy restaurants, popular bars, museums, and monuments. But these cobblestone streets and vibrant public squares hide forgotten prisons, hidden cemeteries, and the ghosts of the past. But they are still there, just out of sight, in Canada’s most haunted neighbourhood.

Guests will learn strategies and techniques to locate and communicate with spirits. Ghost-hunting tools such as Dowsing Rods, EMF Readers, Temperatures Guns and other devices will be made available to reach out to the many deranged spirits that haunt present-day Old Montreal.

Guests will visit and investigate Rue St-Paul, one of the oldest street in Montreal, and learn about the Port of Montreal, and the gruesome Place Jacques Cartier, where people where tortured and humiliated in public. We will explore the Champ de Mars and investigate the paranormal traces of its military history, before taking a short trip to the haunted Château Ramezay Museum. We will conclude the investigation in Place Vauquelin, next to Montreal City Hall, which sits on top of the old Montreal Jail, the infamous British prison that was the site of 44 hangings.

This otherworldly experience is designed for those interested in the paranormal and ghost-hunting, as seen on television programs like Rencontres Paranormal, Most Haunted, TAPS’ Ghost Hunters and many others. It is also popular for those keen to learn more about Montreal’s hidden and deranged history.

The Paranormal Investigation begins at the Bonsecours Market at 350 Rue Saint-Paul Est. It takes approximately 2 hours and involves ghost hunting in the Champ de Mars, Place Vauquelin, and Place Jacques Cartier. Please arrive approximately 5-10 minutes before the adventure starts.

Please Note: We reserve the right to, and in most cases will, cancel a tour that has fewer than five tickets sold by 6pm the day before the event. We will, of course, refund all existing ticket buyers when we do.

This event is also offered as a private tour

Price: $27.50 (includes GST/QST)

*We recommend downloading any ghost hunting apps you would like to use beforehand!

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