“King, historian/actor/activist on the city preservation scene, is an authority on ghosts…”

“The tour ends with Montreal’s most famous ghost story: the murder of prostitute Mary Gallagher. King’s description of her gruesome decapitation and mutilation are enough to keep you up at night. His description of her reappearance on her street corner, however, really makes you lose your head.”

“I will mention that King’s graphic description of McTavish’s dead body almost made me puke. Impressive.”

“There are more than enough tales to put weight behind the claim that Montreal is the most haunted city in North America. This is a claim that King, who is a teacher, historian, actor and activist on the city preservation scene, is eager to prove. For nearly a decade, he has been leading tours around town that expose some of the lesser known and darker aspects of our city’s history.”

“A tall man with glasses and a forceful voice, King teaches history in the English Montreal School Board by day. But he was trained as an actor. And when he’s not in the classroom, imparting the dry facts as he must and adding some juicy details that appear on no curriculum, he often works with Les Fantômes Montréal, a division of the largest tour-guide firm in the city. Their tours concentrate on Old Montreal and the ghosts of New France. Lately, King has branched out on his own to offer tours of the haunted mountain and the haunted downtown. The tours make use of his skills in both theatre and history.”